our Auditorium

The Auditorium has one of the best architecture of its kind and is centrally located in Pratap Nagar. It is aesthetically designed, fully air-conditioned, and has a seating capacity of 1000 people. It is equipped with ultra-modern amenities like ergonomically designed luxurious push-back chairs, stereophonic sound facility, special light effects, and a very spacious stage with a wooden floor.

Conference Hall

our Conference Hall

Conference Hall is the ideal venue for hosting conferences, seminars, meetings, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. We assist you in getting expert services to give an unrivaled, holistic, and seamless experience. Our Conference Hall is the part of Auditorium complex and is suitable for small conferences/seminars.

Multi-Purpose Hall

Our Multi-Purpose Hall

The Multi-Purpose Hall is a part of the Auditorium Complex and is suitable for medium size meetings/seminars/exhibitions/workshops. It has all facilities necessary for holding such events. This Multi-Purpose Hall is also suitable for holding Chess Competition, Painting Competition, Debate Competition, Quiz Competition, etc.

Sports Complex

Our Sports Complex

Sports Complex provides the facility for holding tournaments of Indoor Games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volley Ball and Marshall Arts. It is an ideal place for imparting training to students in these games as the sports complex is fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and equipment for these games.